About the company...

Luxie Vintage is a 20th century vintage clothing shop. We specialize in women's clothing & accessories, but when a stellar men's piece comes our way we certainly won't pass it up! Founded in 2013, we hope to quickly become a favorite online shop to vintage lovers around the globe. Our mission is to maintain the integrity of a vintage garment while also fitting it into modern day's fashion. We encourage label-free fashion, but do sell designer items as well.


Behind the scenes: Cory Martinez

corymartinezI am the former co-owner of Meat Market Vintage and this is my new shop! Luxie has been one of my nicknames since I was fourteen. My sister and I started a very short lived all girl band and picked stage names that referenced some of punk music's finest dudes. I chose Luxie because of Lux Interior from The Cramps and the nickname has stuck ever since!


I've been collecting vintage clothing since I was about twelve years old. As the years progressed my interest in vintage turned into an unstoppable passion. I'm a complete sap for novelty prints and dresses with Peter Pan collars. I love 1960s space age furniture and modern surrealist art. I'm a long-time classic VW enthusiast with a 1968 Beetle that has been my number one devotee for ten years and counting. When I'm not focused on vintage, I love to cook yummy food and do crossword puzzles when I can't sleep. I also love modern dance and groovin' on the bass guitar. Non-fiction books are my favorite but I have a guilty pleasure for cartoons. In 2008, I received a bachelor's in biology that doesn't see much use...maybe someday!